Danone Cup

2016 Danone Cup Selections(04's)

Nathan Miller

Liam Guske

Nick Herb

Joseph Alberto

Pierce Amalberti

Jake McGowan

Jonathan Luce

Alex Devicentis

Mujo Omerovic

Quentin Rotella

Michael Hilbert

Kellen Johnson


2016 Danone Cup Selections(05's)

Reef McGee
Mikah Thomas
Andres Villasana
Tyler Richardson
Chase Dade
Carson Cope
Jack Lopez
Mark Romano
Pierson Smith
Matty Ryan
Sanders Dunn
Kayvan Haghighi

Two alternates will be named to this list. 



On behalf of Jacksonville FC and its partnering clubs, we would like to thank all the players and parents for their participation and support at this year’s Danone Cup team tryouts!  The evaluations took place at Patton Park over the last couple of weeks and included some 30 participants from local clubs, including JFC, PDA, Golden Isles, PVSC, and Creeks.  Our goal was to identify and assemble a team of 12 players to represent and showcase our local talent and compete at this year’s qualifier held at the Disney Wide World of Sports over Memorial Day weekend. The selection process was arduous, but following deliberations and with consideration for the team’s logistical needs, the players have been selected. We are extremely proud of all the boys for their efforts and display of abilities during the tryouts.  Thanks again for your participation and we look forward to seeing you all on the pitch!

Congratulations to the following players for their selection to the 2015 Danone Cup team!

Pierce Amalberti
Keegan Ancelin

Brayden Bevels
Evan Cope
Zach Ervanian
Anthony Fedyko
Liam Guske
Sean Meisler
Zach O’Rourke
Andrew Pia
Miles Shanley
Jet Ulven

Please email Coach Bobby Shea as soon as possible if you plan to accept and participate.  Once you have accepted you will receive confirmation
Bobby Shea/email- sheab69@icloud.com  or call 904-434-0849

"Veiw our 2014 Journey"




Good Luck In Brazil - USA's own JFC U12 Boys Elite

Danone Cup Roster: Henry Carpenter, Evan Cope, Cameron Duncan, Alonso Munoz, Eli Gordon, Owen Guske, DJ McPhee, Conner Moore,
Savio Palushi, Brian Schaefer, Garrison Tubbs, Ethan Yusk
Staff: Bobby Shea (Coach), Adam Guske(Assistant Coach)


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JFC U12 Boys Elite(USA) in Group C. They will face France, Ukrane and Canada.


 Danone Cup Roster: Henry Carpenter, Evan Cope, Cameron Duncan, Alonso Munoz, Eli Gordon, Owen Guske, DJ McPhee, Conner Moore,
Savio Palushi, Brian Schaefer, Garrison Tubbs, Ethan Yusk
Staff: Bobby Shea (Coach), Adam Guske(Assistant Coach)

Believe in your Dreams” - Danone Cup Video & Website

 "JFC U12 Boys Elite Disney Danone Cup Champions Video"


The Danone Nations Cup

Following the 1998 FIFA World Cup in France, Danone decided to create an international football tournament: The Danone Nations Cup.
It is the world’s biggest football tournament for children between the ages of 10 and 12, (U12s category). One of the main values is fair play; therefore this competition helps to instill in these young players what are respect and dignity in victory as in defeat.  

Every year since 2000, around 2.5 million children take part in local, regional and then national Danone Nations Cup competitions, before the winners fly off to compete in the World Final. In each of the 32 participating countries, Danone’s subsidiaries organize their national tournaments in partnership with the local Sports Federations and/or State Education and Sports Ministries.
Over 34,000 schools and 11,000 clubs from all around the world are involved.

Danone Nations Cup World Final was in France (Paris or Lyon) until 2009. The World Finals of the 10th and 11th editions took place at the Orlando Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa: the same year as the FIFA Football World Cup. The Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid in 2011 and the National Stadium in Warsaw in 2012 also hosted the competition. For the 14th edition, the thirty - two winning national teams headed to the legendary Wembley Stadium in London.
In 2014, the Danone Nations Cup World Final will take place in Brazil.

For ten years, the tournament has been fortunate enough to have Zinédine Zidane as its international ambassador and to benefit from his commitment to high quality football and fair play.
The Danone Nations Cup has 18 renowned ambassadors worldwide!
For them, this competition is an exceptional event that offers a unique opportunity to live out young players dream. They have chosen to use their public profile and image to support local social projects in partnership with the local tournaments.

Over the years, this competition has established itself as a highly respected event with FIFA endorsement. It now enjoys a solid reputation within the world of professional football and partner organizations.