Jacksonville Armada at Patton Park

    On a beautiful January day at Patton Park, the Jacksonville Armada can be seen going through one of their training sessions. Armada coach Tony Meola is busy preparing his team for the next NASL (North American Soccer League) season.

JFC’s Patton Park has been the training ground of the Armada since August of 2014. Says Armada Director of Soccer Operations Nathan Walter, “Patton Park is a great training venue – from the quality of the surface, ability to access different sized fields and privacy to the professionalism of the JFC staff.”

JFC’s elite boys teams sport not only the Armada name but also the Armada replica kit. JFC is proud to be affiliated with the Jacksonville Armada.

“We foresee an exciting future with JFC and other clubs in the city to create one soccer community”, says Nathan Walter. “We are moving in the right direction.”






Join the Jacksonville Armada as they prepare to play 3 MLS teams in February as part of their pre-season.