Dear JFC Club Members:

Dear JFC Club Members:

The JFC Board of Directors and our Executive Director, Eric Dade, thank you for your participation in our JFC Club Survey.  We received 128 survey responses and the Board and our Executive Director have had the opportunity to evaluate all of the results and particularly the comments and feedback.  Most of the survey responses were from parents associated with the competitive program but we feel we received very valuable information on all of our programs.  In the attached link, you will find the results from the survey, followed by consolidated summaries of the comments left by the survey participants.

Here are some of the highlights from the survey:

  • Non-Elite level competitive players and recreational players desire more development and training
  • The respondents are generally satisfied with the coaching they receive but desire better communication and interaction with coaches
  • Parents would like more detailed information on the costs and the expectations of the competitive program earlier in the year.
  • Respondents are very satisfied with the quality of fields at Patton Park
  • Members would prefer to have JFC soccer camps and professional matches over movie night and/or camp out night
  • Most respondents have confidence in the Board of Directors’ financial decisions but members do not have information regarding where the club spends money.
  • Members will be more likely to volunteer if they were aware of specific volunteer opportunities.

The overall feedback in the survey was positive, but we have identified several areas where we can try to improve immediately. 

  1. Our Directors of Coaching (DOC’s) will be working to create more player development opportunities for non-elite and recreational players. 
  2. All JFC Staff and coaches will be working diligently to improve our individual communication and responses to issues.  
  3. JFC will work to communicate more detailed information earlier in the year regarding expectations and costs related to our competitive soccer programs. 
  4. The Board will work towards sharing more information regarding the club’s expenditures, financial condition and capital needs.

We take this feedback very seriously and look forward to hearing more from you in our next survey.  We hope you and your family have a wonderful Winter Break and we look forward to another great year at JFC in 2016!  Happy New Year



Warm regards,

David Proehl
President, JFC Board of Directors