JFC Girls do well in Savannah

It was a great weekend in Savannah in January, 2013 - great competition, well run and great weather! There was an impressive team list from Atlanta, south Georgia, Charlotte and Savannah.

JFC U10 Girls Elite - Champions

JFC U11 Girls Elite playing up to U12 - Semi-Finalists (losing in PK’s)

JFC U12 Girls Elite playing up to U13 - Semi-Finalists (losing in PK’s)

JFC U10 Girls - Champions

The JFC U10 Girls Elite team travelled to Savannah in mid-January, 2013 to participate in the Savannah Girls Rock tournament. There was great competition from Atlanta, Charlotte and Savannah.

The team started strong beating the Coast Red team (GA). Their afternoon game was a great game was against the Tophat girls team with a close 4-3 win. Sunday the competition was the home Savannah and with the win, it put them into the finals. The team played against Inter-Atlanta in the finals and played a great game to clinch the championship.