JFC U11 Girls and U11 Boys ELITE teams President Cup CHAMPIONS 2013

JFC U11 girls ELITE - Florida Presidents Cup CHAMPIONS
The JFC U11 girls team has worked very hard and had a very successful 2013. They started their Regional Cup run as group champions and the next weekend travelled to Miami where they won the Weston Cup. This gave them a lot of confidence as they advanced through the second round of the tournament to advance to the FINAL FOUR. There, they played and beat teams from Orlando City then a convincing win against Ponte Vedra 4-0 in the finals to become Region B Champions. The team travelled to President’s Cup to represent Region B against the other three regions in Florida. Their first game was against Tallahassee where they won 1-0. This put them into the finals against West Pines where they won convincingly 4-0 to become Florida President’s Cup CHAMPIONS 2013.

JFC U11 boys ELITE - Florida Presidents Cup CHAMPIONS
The JFC U11 boys elite team started their road to Presidents Cup in February 2013. They played through two preliminary weekends of the Region B tournament and advanced to the FINAL FOUR teams.
There, they played the top Regional competition winning 3-0 in the finals against Orlando City.  As Region B Champions, they would represent Region B in the Florida Presidents Cup where the 4 regional champions would meet. The tournament was played in Auburndale on April 6,7. The first game was against the FCT Tampa Lutz Rangers, region C champions. The game was played into overtime and eventually penalty kicks where the JFC team won 3-2. This set up the finals between Miami West Pines (region A champions) and the JFC U11 boys elite team. The team found themselves down 2-1 at half time but rallied and raised their game to another level to come back and win 3-2 and clinch the title. Congratulations to the JFC U11 boys elite team - President’s Cup CHAMPIONS 2013.