Emerging Athletes Need Established Care.

Jacksonville Armada FC Youth Academy (JAFCYA) is here to expose and enrich our kids’ greatest talent.

CORA Physical Therapy is here to make sure that nothing stands in their way.

The partnership between JAFCYA and CORA ensures that student athletes remain healthy and strong as they hone their skills.

JAFCYA trusts our nationally certified and state-licensed athletic trainers (ATCs) who can be found on the field at practices, games, and tournaments, and around the greater Jacksonville area.

Hosting CORA’s trusted ATCs on-site means less time out: assessments are immediate and treatment plan implementation is more vigiliant. When necessary, it also ensures high-quality immediate and emergency care.

Off-site at any of our many area locations, CORA’s highly qualified ATCs and physical therapists (PTs) offer JAFCYA participants complimentarty injury screens, progrssive treatment programs and acess to the area’s mosrt reputable orthopedic specialist, should a referral be necessary.


CORA Athletes:

• Miss fewer practices

• Play more games

• Increase compliance for return-to-play plans

• Alleviate parental concerns

• Save money in healthcare costs

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