Jacksonville Armada FC Youth Academy would like to congratulate our Boy’s DA Director, Pat Cannon, for completing the U.S. Soccer Development Academy Director (AD) course. Pat spent the last 12 months dedicating himself and his efforts to improving his soccer knowledge through this rigorous, invite only, course to bring back new ideas and new methods to our club to help continue our growth and development as one of the best clubs in the nation.

It’s been an amazing experience this past year in the Academy Directors Course. Had the pleasure of learning from and with some amazing people. Lots of work put into this one!!! Can’t wait to put new thoughts and ideas into action next season with Armada FC Youth Academy
— Pat Cannon, JAFCYA Boy's DA Director

U.S. Soccer developed the Academy Director (AD) course to assist in better improving, educating and informing youth leaders from around the country. The course includes face-to-face modules and numerous individual and group projects.

Pat, with only a few other coaches from around the country, spent multiple hours (30+ Days) in the classroom and on the field to hone their coaching skills and theories to implement and further develop their home clubs and programs. The course also included a week overseas where the staff and coaches visited Athletico Madrid, Athletic Bilbao, and Lagunes in Spain to study and learn more about different methodologies and approaches from world class clubs.

We couldn’t be more proud of Coach Cannon, and we look forward to seeing him implement and share everything he learned over the past year to help continue our club’s growth and development.

U.S. Soccer Development Academy Director (AD) Course Overview:


Invitation Only


For the U.S. Soccer Academy Directors course, candidates will be expected to be Academy Directors of clubs in U.S. Soccer Development Academy.

Course Structure

The Academy Directors course consists of one introductory meeting, and 7 course modules, one of which occurs out of the country. The total course duration is 12 months.

  • Introductory Meeting
    Introduction to the course module – 1 day

  • Module I
    Opening module – 4 days

  • Module II
    Foreign club visit module - 7-8 days (Spain)

  • Module III
    DA Showcase module – 4 days

  • Module IV
    Youth National Team module – 4 days

  • Module V
    Domestic Club module – 4 days

  • Module VI
    Small group/Domestic club module – 2 days

  • Module VII
    Final Presentation module – 4 days