Small Group Training FAQs

What is the Small Group Training?

  • An improvement centered training opportunity geared towards helping individuals improve their technical ability on the ball.

  • Disclaimer: This is NOT a convenient substitute for a team training session. We encourage players to attend all of their team training sessions when able to. This is training IN ADDITION to team training.

  • This is NOT a guarantee for tryouts or for playing time on your team. That still comes down to your team coach and how you conduct yourself in team training sessions.

What is the topic/focus for the trainings?

Through the beginning weeks it will be geared towards ball control but throughout the season we will incorporate other areas of the game such as passing and receiving, shooting, etc.

How many players are allowed to attend?

Anywhere from 2 to 6 players.

How old do you have to be to attend?

Anywhere from U9 to U16 (two different trainings offered for players U9-12 and U13-16).

Are the trainings separated between boys and girls?

Both boys and girls are allowed to attend the same session.

How can I be sure my player will be challenged? 

This is very individually based. The coach will have exercises that will challenge any player of any age or level. The player will have the ability to challenge themselves with these exercises and take accountability for improving him or herself.

Will the players in the session compete against each other?

It depends on the session and who shows up. That will be decided by the coach if he feels that it is developmentally appropriate for the players to do so and that each player will benefit from it.

Where will this be held?

Patton Park field 6 (field number is subject to change over the course of the season).

What are the days and times?

  • Monday’s, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

  • U9-12 is 5:30-6:30 pm and the U13-16 is 6:30-7:30 pm.

What level do you have to be to attend?

Any Armada competitive level (DA, ECNL, NPL, Elite).

Who will the coach be?

We will have one coach at each session selected from a qualified group of coaches in the Armada’s competitive levels.

Can I select my coach?

No. The trainings will have the coach assigned and you can view who that is when signing up.

What is the cost of the training?

It’s $30 for one session.

How do I sign up and when can I sign up? 

  • Through our Armada Website under the programs tab.

  • Players MUST sign up before 12:00 pm of that training day in order to be able to attend.

Can I sign up at the field?

  • No. Any players who show up to the field that did not sign up before 12:00 pm that day will be asked to leave.

What are the start and end dates?

For the fall season tentative start date is Monday, September 16th through Friday, November 22nd. Spring is TBD.

What should the apparel be for the player to show up? 

  • Players must have appropriate footwear (cleats) and shin guards (under socks) with the designated Armada kit:

  • Monday’s: Light blue practice jersey, white shorts, light blue socks.

  • Wednesday’s: Navy blue top, navy shorts, navy socks.

  • Friday’s: Navy top, navy shorts, navy socks

Is this only at Patton Park or will there be one at other sites? 

Right now only at Patton Park and if we decide to open up at another site we will inform everyone.

What if the training is cancelled due to weather? 

If the fields or trainings get cancelled by the club for whatever reason, the players who signed up for that session will be notified ASAP through email. Then we will look to reschedule that training.

What is the rescheduling policy? 

If the club has to cancel any sessions we will offer a makeup session on that same weekday and time for the following week (there is no guarantee you will have the same coach). This will be for the group of players that registered for that particular session that got cancelled. If you cannot make it to our makeup date and time we will NOT be able to reschedule you individually in another group.

What is the refund policy? 

There are no refunds allowed.

What if my player cannot make it to the training and I’ve already signed up?

If your player for whatever reason cannot attend the session, we need to be notified 24 hours in advance. Then we will send you a list of sessions that still have availability and you will have 24 hours to reschedule.

Do unused sessions role over into the spring?

No. All sessions bought in that season need to be used within the same season.

Who do I contact for rescheduling purposes?

Alex Bolowich -

David Leonardo Vargas -